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Crossplay mode servers are similar to having Crossplay mode enabled in regular Minecraft, but instead, they focus on bringing a community of players together to concentrate on building anything their imagination allows. Players claim plots and land on Crossplay servers and are given access to fly and worldedit, enabling them to construct their creations as they please.

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Rank Name Server Players Status
SCS SMP Crossplay SCS SMP Crossplay

🪵Survival🪵 💎Follows Eula💎 🏪Custom shops🏪 💰Ingame money💰 ★★★Automatic crafting★★★


The best Minecraft Network

CatHearts Lifesteal CatHearts Lifesteal

Join CatHearts Lifesteal SMP, play with others and enjoy.

Drago_mc Minecraft Crossplay server Drago_mc Minecraft Crossplay server

This is not 24/7 hosting this is aternos server you want to join our server to join our Discord

Frost Rewards Frost Rewards 0/0
G C Network G C Network

A cross-platform Minecraft network with all of your favorites in one place!

KilladizNetwork Crossplay server KilladizNetwork Crossplay server

The Best Minecraft Modded SMP server


Please don't break anything 🙏

Prosidhu.aternos.me Prosidhu.aternos.me 0/0
SpikeMC Crossplay SpikeMC Crossplay 0/0
VeoZaxSMP VeoZaxSMP 0/0
arsh's bedwars arsh's bedwars 0/0
End smp Minecraft Crossplay server End smp Minecraft Crossplay server

Our server is 24/7 open with lifesteal survival minigames this is public server in this server rank are also available this server is given by criminal boss gaming 450 channel if you want to know more about our server join our discord


It has good ping lifesteal and pvp

Illusion MC Illusion MC

PvP Server with Unlimited Free Kits and Lang Free Experience.

LapiMC Crossplay server LapiMC Crossplay server


LapisMC LapisMC

Best Indian Lifestell Server With Some Awesome Feature And Plugins It's An Economy based Lifestell Server Join Our dc Server For More Info How do I join LapisMC? Joining servers is different for both Java and Bedrock platforms.

Maranakinnar Smp Maranakinnar Smp 0/75
RazSMP Crossplay RazSMP Crossplay

Have fun! I am also trying to do it 24/7! :) have fun, build, pvp, make teams and be ONE OF THE STRONGEST TEAM IN THE WHOLE SERVER!

RazorNext Network RazorNext Network

Selamat datang di Razornext Network! Server ini berkolaborasi dengan Minecraft Community Indonesia. Kami menghadirkan banyak hal-hal dan fitur menarik dalam Discord dan Minecraft Server 24/7 Online kami.

Simple Survival Simple Survival

"Simple Survival" is the best Smp no loss of world.

Terralith Modded Anarchy Minecraft Crossplay server Terralith Modded Anarchy Minecraft Crossplay server

Basic Anarchy Gameplay, Mostly Vanilla Mechanics, Modded Land Generation. Active Dupe, No Rules, (Lag Machines Will Be Destroyed) Anti-Cheat focuses on fast movement hacks, Like Flight. Most other stuff should work, Like No Fall, Anti Hunger Etc.


What are Crossplay Minecraft Servers?

What are the Best Crossplay Minecraft Servers? This question may seem simple, but the answer is not so straightforward. Numerous factors contribute to finding Minecraft servers, but our website makes this task easier. On Best Crossplay Minecraft Servers, you can scroll down our site and click the "Copy IP Address" button to play on any server of your choice! Each server listed on our website is reviewed to ensure you are playing on high-quality Crossplay Minecraft servers.

What is a Crossplay Minecraft Server List?

What is a Crossplay Minecraft Server List? A server list is a website that can be accessed through search engines like Google to help find Crossplay Minecraft Servers. Server lists vary depending on the website operator, but Best Crossplay Minecraft Servers manually checks each listed server to ensure they are of the highest quality, so you can enjoy the servers you play on! To use our Crossplay Minecraft Server List, simply scroll down our site and click "Copy IP Address" once you've found the server you think you'll enjoy. Then, paste it into your Crossplay Minecraft launcher and have fun playing!

How do I play Crossplay Minecraft Servers?

To play on a Crossplay Minecraft Server, you must have Crossplay Minecraft installed on your computer. After that, load up Minecraft Multiplayer and click "Add Server." Next, choose the Crossplay Minecraft Server from our website that you'd like to play, click "Add Server," and then enter the server IP address. Enjoy playing on your chosen Crossplay Minecraft Server! If, for any reason, you're not enjoying the server you found, you can use our website, Best Crossplay Minecraft Servers, and select another server to play on. If you can't find a server that fits your preferences on our website, you can search for Crossplay Minecraft Servers on Google and choose from another server list! If you ever have questions about Crossplay Minecraft Servers, feel free to contact our support through the "Contact Us" button.